"I'm allergic to microwaves, they release space hamsters into my bloodstream." -Murdock

"I dont care about which spirit ladies do what. I'm here to stop a wedding." -Wolverine

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it's better to burn than to fade away
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"I was just another monster, And I was. Me? I was gone for a long time."

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Alice + Olivia at New York Fashion Week Fall 2013

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Make me choose
anonymous asked : True Blood or X-men

Mutation: it is the key to our evolution. It has enabled us to evolve from a single-celled organism into the dominant species on the planet. This process is slow, and normally taking thousands and thousands of years. But every few hundred millennia, evolution leaps forward.

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Title: I Want More

Artist: Allison Fischer

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Don’t fuss so! You both know the rapture of the bite. Is not monstrous, it’s just Claudia’s healthy appetite!”

Not a fan but I liked the character.
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Storm - Clay Mann

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The White Queen vs the Friends of Humanity…

(Photo by Pat Loika, Made and modeled by me!)

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier + scenery (in order of appearance).

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marvel comics meme | ten characters (1/10) | felicia hardy

 I’m not a hero. I’m a thiefBorn a thief. Raised a thief. Will die a thief.

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Boston Comic Con 2014 sketch - Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver

for commission list and NYCC sketch list: mtakaraart@yahoo.com

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