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it's better to burn than to fade away
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"I’m not a woman, I’m a force of nature."

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Emma Stone for Cosmopolitan Russia (May 2014)

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X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

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my FINAL week of college classes starts tomorrow

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So with Winter Soldier out now, I know you’re all dying to read more about Bucky and Natasha, whether as a couple or individually!  So, since I haven’t seen one of these with download links yet, I’ve put together a reading order + downloads.

This is a combination of solo stories and team-ups with each other.  It isn’t every appearance of theirs together, but they’re the ones that I consider important.  (If you have any suggestions, however, I’m totally up for editing.)

I tried to break it up by ROUGH chronology, both by keeping important events together because I really don’t like hopping from series to series, but also breaking them up after significant chunks to avoid getting worn out on one arc (hence the Deadly Origin between Cap v4 and Reborn).

Here is the folder with everything

Here are the specific download links.  Message me if any of them are broken:

Black Widow V1

Black Widow V2

Black Widow V3

Captain America V5 (Bonus: Winter Soldier - Winter Kills.  Takes place between issues 24 and 25)

(Note: Bucky joins the New Avengers around Secret Invasion.  I wouldn’t consider it necessary reading, because it’s a team book and not individual, but I have his issues here.  Issue 47 of NA comes out concurrently with issue 44 of Cap v5 I believe)

Black Widow: Deadly Origin

Captain America: Reborn and Who Will Wield the Shield

Captain America: Renumbered (+ Captain America and Bucky)

Black Widow V4

Widowmaker (see note in folder; prequel is in the big folder)

Fear Itself 3-4, 7.1 (the rest of it isn’t worth it.  I promise. it just. isn’t.)

Winter Soldier

Bucky is currently in two ongoings (All-New Invaders and another run of Winter Soldier that I actually think might be a limited series) and Natasha is in one (Black Widow), which you should check out.  I don’t have downloads for those, but they’re not very far, so you can probably grab them at the comic shop or on comixology.

As always, if you like the comics, buy them!


For those who were interested in moar Nat and Bucky comics

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Green Day - Last Night on Earth

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in brushing up on some comics history, I have come across the phrase “once-dead once-living once-dead once-robot now alive again” and I think that sums up literally everything you need to know about superhero comics

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Natasha and Tony in Iron Man 2

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mylifeasaweapon asked for

Amora/Sif where Amora is obsessed with Sif instead of Thor